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Getting a new puppy, hoping to change your dog’s bad habits, or looking to improve their manners? We offer a selection of training options to help achieve the behavioral goals for your dog!


Dayschool: Day School is offered Monday through Friday, and is a fantastic option for busy, on-the-go lifestyles, or to keep your best friend’s manners impeccable. Our program is flexible and customized to each family’s needs, providing training for leash manners, recalls, relaxation techniques, cooperative care and husbandry, sports foundations, and more!

Reactive Dayschool: Designed for dogs that bark, lunge, growl, and/or pull towards dogs, people, or other stimuli while on walks, our program will provide dogs and their owners with the tools necessary to prevent, manage, and cope during these stressful situations. The program is led by our Certified Control Unleashed®️ Instructor (CCUI).

Behavioral Consults: Our virtual behavior consultations are for pets and their owners struggling with concerns such as separation anxiety, resource guarding, inappropriate elimination, inter-pet issues, cooperative care & handling, and more. The consult will provide an in-depth understanding of the issues present in order to develop a safety and management protocol. Follow up behavior modification sessions are strongly recommended.

Behavior Modification: Also done virtually, our behavior modification sessions complement the Behavior Consultation and will be designed specifically to meet your pet’s needs.

Private Sessions (in person or virtual): Looking for one-on-one instruction? Private Sessions can address issues such as leash manners, cooperative care, stays and recalls, and more.

Board & Train (includes behavior consult): During your dog’s 4-day, 3-night stay with us, we will address the issues you face and instill a solid foundation for your pet to take home. At discharge, you will receive a private, in-person transfer session to practice with your pup and get real-time feedback from your trainer. A detailed summary of your dog’s stay with us will also be provided.

Puppy Camp: Born of necessity at the beginning of the Pandemic, Puppy Camp is a unique drop-off experience for puppies aged 8-18 weeks. Once weekly for six weeks, your puppy will be dropped off for the morning where they’ll play, explore, socialize, gain exposure to different stimuli, build their confidence, and have one-on-one training sessions. Training sessions are recorded and sent via a private link so that you can follow along at home! We’ll also discuss what to expect during each developmental period, how to address pesky puppy behaviors, crate training, independence training, and more.

Group Classes: Group classes are offered throughout the year. Please contact us to see what we have available!


Prior to your visit or session, please fill out the online training form for your selected service.

Puppy Camp Registration Form
Day School and Private In-Person Training Registration Form 
Behavior Consult Questionnaire

Dog Training
Dog Training
Dog Training
Dog Shaking His Paw
Dog Training
Dog Training
Dog Training
Dog Training
Dog Learning To Lay Down
Dog Training Consultation
Monica, Our Trainer
Dog TrainingDog TrainingDog Shaking His PawDog TrainingDog TrainingDog TrainingDog TrainingDog Learning To Lay DownDog Training ConsultationMonica, Our Trainer


  • Day School: $50 per day
  • Reactive Day School: $60 per day
  • Behavior Consults: $90 per hour
  • Behavior Modification: $45 per half hour
  • Private Sessions: $65 per hour
  • Board and Train: $565 per package
  • Puppy Camp: $240 per package
  • Group Classes (Behaviorally Normal Dogs): $180
  • Group Classes (Specialty Classes, Reactive Dogs): $200
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