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Oak Heart Veterinary Hospital – Services and Amenities

Dogs running outside at Oak Heart South Saunders Boarding & Daycare

Boarding & Daycare (South Saunders Location Only)

South Saunders will also include a resort with a dog daycare facility and kennels for boarding cats and dogs. South Saunders innovative design features for the resort include:

State-of-the-art outdoor play yard and interior play rooms
New flooring system designed to be more cushioned and gentle on paws
Internal dry and wet vacuum system throughout the facility
Energy Recovery HVAC system to provide fresh air
Compartmentalized areas to help control noise


  • $32 per night for dogs
  • $25 per night for cats


  • $30 for the option of either four 45-minute group play sessions, or two 15-minute individual play sessions
  • $20 for the play sessions listed above if your dog is boarding with us
South Saunders grooming facility


Our grooming staff will cater to every patient’s needs, regardless of age or breed. Grooming includes nail trim, ear cleaning and external anal gland expression.

Oak Heart Veterinary Hospital Logo - Illustrated Tree With Dog And Cat Sitting At Base Of Trunk


Details about our training services will be coming soon.

Dr. Nick Rochte and assistant examining a Pitbull

Comprehensive Medical Care

Our wellness and preventive visits help your pet live the healthiest life possible. They give us the opportunity to develop a personalized relationship with you and your pet. Quality pet care begins at home, so we’ll take the time to address your questions or concerns, help you understand any health issues that need to be addressed and give you the tools needed to adjust your pet’s healthcare routine when you leave.

Our medical care and preventive services include:

Preventive Visits
Heartworm Prevention
Flea and Tick Control
Nutritional Management
Parasite Prevention and Treatment
Senior and Palliative Care
Behavior Consultations
Lab technician looking through a microscope

Diagnostic Services

To better understand your pet’s health and ensure they receive the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan, we provide state-of-the-art diagnostic services. A physical exam can give us basic insights, but combined with our advanced technology, we can obtain comprehensive results quickly with precise accuracy.

Our diagnostic services include:

Heartworm Test
Complete Blood Count
Chemistry Panels
Tick Borne Disease Test
Thyroid Test
Oak Heart surgery facility


Whether your pet needs a spay or neuter, dental cleaning or a non-elective surgery such as a mass removal, you are in the best hands at Oak Heart Veterinary Hospital. Our trusted veterinarians use the latest technology and are here to make sure that you feel confident about your pet’s surgical procedure.

State of the Art Anesthetic Monitoring
Dental Cleanings and Extractions
Mass Removals
Spay and Neuters
Foreign Body Extraction
Emergency Surgery
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