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Phen is a compassionate individual driven by the belief that unconditional love is not just a one-way street, but a powerful force to be shared and acted upon. With a strong purpose to add value to every interaction, Phen has dedicated his life to animal welfare and advocacy.

Phen’s educational background is diverse, holding a BS in Theology and being a published author. He has been an active voice for animal welfare, speaking both nationally and locally, while also making a tangible difference in local communities through hands-on work.

With over a decade of experience in Veterinary Medicine and Management, Phen joined Oak Heart at South Saunders as a knowledgeable and passionate team member. His extensive expertise in rescue work and rehabilitation includes involvement in puppy mill raids, dog-fighting rings, cruelty and abandonment cases, and labeled dog rehabilitation.

Phen founded Paperbag Pitbull, which began as a think-tank for animal welfare education and legislation and has since evolved into a dog-coaching adventure.

Phen’s home is a haven for a pack of formerly-unwanted misfits, including Alou, an auctioned-won puppy, and Anderson, a news-worthy cruelty-case survivor. There is always room for one more at Phen’s residence.

Serving on the Board of Directors for numerous non-profits across local counties, Phen remains committed to making a difference. He continues his advocacy by consulting and educating countless local and national animal welfare organizations and veterinary hospitals.

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